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Copernicus has a passion for linking applications, systems and trading partners. Integration is in our DNA! Therefore, we help our customers exchange information and connect with their trading partners’ systems. Keywords that describe our integration solutions are EDI, EAI, Middleware, ESB, REST and Web Services.

Niklas Integration Platform

Niklas allows you to seamlessly connect your internal and external applications. For example, you can link your webshop to your ERP system, integrate your internal applications or synchronise with cloud applications. Niklas is the service bus developed by Copernicus and is ideal for effectively implementing application integration.

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Managed EDI

Are you looking for a solution to quickly and easily use EDI with your trading partners? Our Managed EDI service is ideally suited for companies that do not have the resources or the tools. We offer complete turnkey EDI solutions, so you can focus on your core business.

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Upload Portal

Your customers don’t have the resources to set up an FTP connection? The Upload Portal developed by Copernicus is an elegant solution that allows your trading partners to quickly and easily send files to you. It’s as easy as sending photos via WeTransfer!

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Solution Support

Solution Support focuses on organisations that want assurance of suitable support on their middleware environment. We make sure that we become, and remain, familiar with your middleware environment and its rotating integrations. The service window can be completely tailored to your environment and needs.

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“I personally have been delighted with the dedication to duty, professionalism and can-do attitude demonstrated by Copernicus.”

– Steve Wells – Global CIS Interface Director DHL


  • Design, development and implementation of integration solutions
  • Development of interfaces (mappings)
  • Development of web portals
  • Customer onboarding

Why Copernicus?

  • Experienced in the field of integration technology
  • Focus on the realisation and support of middleware solutions
  • Clear and adequate communication
  • Proactive attitude
  • For large-scale and small-scale projects


GMP+ international
The VITA Group
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Teeez Costmetics
R.M.I. Global Logistic Services
Janssen Distribution Services
Schavemaker Transport
OTX Connecting Continents
Husa Logistics
MS Schippers

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