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Customer benefits from co-operation between Logic4 and Copernicus

It started with an issue for the realization of EDI connections at a common customer in 2020. Now, 2 years later, the collaboration between Logic4 and Copernicus is still successful and Copernicus’ expertise in the field of connections is regularly used in the projects of Logic4. “We are usually involved in a project from the…

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Intensified co-operation between CloudSuite and Copernicus

“Connections are core business at Copernicus,” says Okko Huisman, CEO at CloudSuite. A collaboration that started in 2018, and which is still successful after many joint projects. “The great strength of Copernicus is that they have their own integration platform, Niklas, and they also implement it themselves,” continues Huisman. “And it is a pleasant party…

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Copernicus builds order portal for one-stop-shop customers NextDeli EN

Copernicus has built an order portal for the NextDeli web shop, where specialty fresh produce stores can place orders from various affiliated suppliers in one central place. “In the fresh and food sector, products are often not sold in pieces, but by weight. The weight is the basis on which the order is placed and…

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Information security at Copernicus fully certified

Marcel van Osenbruggen, security officer at Copernicus, has played a prominent role in obtaining our certification in the field of information security. A certification such as ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 does not just fall into your lap. This is preceded by a careful and intensive process. Marcel has gained the necessary experience during his…

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Copernicus develops KPN Medical Message Service EN

KPN E-Zorg has set up a Medical Messaging Service (Medische Berichten Service – MBS) for the safe and efficient exchange of data between healthcare partners. This means, for example, that laboratory results, specialist letters and radiology messages are sent via KPN ZorgCloud. Secure and reliable messaging In order to design and develop the system behind…