At Copernicus we work together. Find here a list of here partners we are already working with successfully.


CloudSuite was founded in 2010 and has its own e-commerce solution for wholesalers and brand manufacturers. Because the integration of e-commerce is a spearhead for B2B companies, seamless integration is of great importance. Cloudsuite is ERP-agnostic and can therefore be linked to all ERP systems. Communication between the CloudSuite, the ERP system and the CloudSuite solution is done through APIs. CloudSuite works together with Copernicus to develop custom connections.

Okko Huisman, Co-founder & CEO of CloudSuite:

“With Copernicus, we can now link any advanced ERP system with CloudSuite. Customers are not dependent on CloudSuite for connections, but can choose a service provider that specializes in this. A service provider like Copernicus, who understands what you are saying and gets to work immediately. Integration projects take time and you regularly encounter unexpected surprises. Then it is very nice that we work with a reliable party such as Copernicus for whom connections are core business.”

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Logic4 is an all-in-one webshop and business software for medium to large trading companies. The Logic4 software contains all the functionalities that a trading company needs, from purchasing to stock and from orders to accounting. Normally the standard Logic4 integrations are sufficient for the average trading company. Logic4 works together with Copernicus for customers who require customization, often projects where a company wants a link with a specific external supplier, carrier or fulfillment party.

Dennis de Jong, Managing Business Consultant at Logic4:

“The fact that Copernicus has an extensive knowledge of the Logic4 package and the APIs  gives them an edge that our customers benefit from. Thanks to our intensive collaboration, Copernicus understands perfectly what we do and how our software works. This ensures short lead times and the best result for our customers, and that remains the most important thing.”

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Want to become a Copernicus partner?

Do you want to enter into a partnership with us? For example as a Referral, Reseller or Implementation partner? Do you want to become proficient in implementing the Niklas Integration Platform? Or do you want to be able to provide your own services with regard to the implementation of the Niklas Integration Platform? At Copernicus we like to work with solid business partners who want to implement the Niklas Integration Platform in various market segments together with Copernicus.

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