Customer benefits from co-operation between Logic4 and Copernicus


It started with an issue for the realization of EDI connections at a common customer in 2020. Now, 2 years later, the collaboration between Logic4 and Copernicus is still successful and Copernicus’ expertise in the field of connections is regularly used in the projects of Logic4.

“Logic4 is the all-in-one webshop and business software for (medium) large trading companies.” The Logic4 software contains all the functionalities that a trading company needs, from purchasing to stock and from orders to accounting. “Normally, our standard integrations are sufficient for the average trading company. But for customers who need customization, we work together with Copernicus,” says Dennis De Jong, Managing Business Consultant at Logic4.


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Custom-made connectors

“We are usually involved in a project from the start”, says Egbert Ellenkamp, Director of Copernicus. “That is also important for it to succeed. That we have short lines of communication with Logic4.” As soon as Logic4 enters into a conversation with a customer and it is clear that a link has to be made, the experts from Copernicus are called in. “This is done at an early stage so that we can quickly advise during the process and indicate which matters must be carefully considered, in order to avoid surprises afterwards.”

This often concerns projects where a company wants a link with a specific external supplier, carrier or fulfillment party. “For those cases, Logic4 has chosen not to realize this customization itself, but to call on Copernicus,” continues De Jong. “This allows us at Logic4 to continue to focus fully on improvements and further developments of our own Logic4 package.”

Niklas Integratieplatform Copernicus

Integration platform Niklas

Copernicus uses its own integration platform Niklas when developing links. “We have more than 22 years of experience and knowledge in the field of electronic data exchange,” says Ellenkamp. “We have already helped many companies and therefore recognize many situations. As a result, customers fully benefit from the advantages that the combination of knowledge and experience with our own integration platform offers.”

Logic4 and Copernicus have successfully completed various projects in the past two years, as a result of which Copernicus is now also very familiar with the Logic4 API layer and all the calls and endpoints associated with it.

Fast response

Copernicus specialist in Managed EDI en AS2
Dennis de Jong.

Logic4, in consultation with Copernicus, coordinates the specific customer questions and linking requests, after which it is estimated in mutual consultation how the issue can best be realized and how much time is required. “Logic4 translates this into a complete quotation, so that the customer knows exactly where he stands and has the certainty that the best possible solution is chosen at the lowest possible cost,” continues De Jong.

“Because we as Copernicus are directly involved in the project, we also have direct contact with the customer during the project phase,” says Ellenkamp. “And if a customer comes to us with something that has not yet been discussed with Logic4, I inform our contact person at Logic4 about it. They remain the main contractor for the customer.”

Mutual trust

According to Ellenkamp, the success of the collaboration lies in mutual trust. “The people at Logic4 are very pleasant to work with. Clear en to-the-point. We trust each other and can communicate openly and honestly with each other. We are on the same page.”

“The fact that Copernicus has extensive knowledge of the Logic4 package and the APIs gives them a head start that our customers benefit from,” says De Jong. And that in the end the customer benefits the most from the successful triangle is enough reason for both parties to continue the collaboration. “Thanks to our intensive collaboration, Copernicus understands perfectly what we do and how our software works,” according to De Jong. “This ensures short lead times and the best results for our customers. And that remains the most important.”