Intensified co-operation between CloudSuite and Copernicus


“Connections are core business at Copernicus,” says Okko Huisman, CEO at CloudSuite. A collaboration that started in 2018, and which is still successful after many joint projects.
“The great strength of Copernicus is that they have their own integration platform, Niklas, and they also implement it themselves,” continues Huisman. “And it is a pleasant party to work with.”

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Seamless integration

CloudSuite was founded in 2010 and has developed its own e-commerce solution. “In e-commerce, integration is a spearhead, especially in B2B,” says Huisman. Wholesalers and brand manufacturers  record everything in their ERP system: customers, prices, returns, stocks, contracts, et cetera. Seamless integration is therefore of great importance for these organizations. “Cloudsuite is ERP agnostic and can link with all ERP systems. The ERP system and CloudSuite can communicate with each other by means of APIs. In the beginning, we took care of the integration ourselves, but noticed that this hindered our further development in the e-commerce field,” continues Huisman.

A few years ago, Copernicus and CloudSuite met at a joint customer and Huisman came into conversation with Egbert Ellenkamp, ​​Director of Copernicus. “I remember that we had a meeting with Egbert to realize the relevant link and then I noticed that it really is your core business. An additional advantage is that Copernicus knows the CloudSuite API well and also has a lot of experience with linking with other systems.”

Copernicus specialist in Managed EDI en AS2

Charlie Temple

The first joint project was for Charlie Temple. “This has made our collaboration really concrete,” says Ellenkamp. Because Cloudsuite then made the choice not to build connections itself anymore, Copernicus became involved.

“That was a very nice solution that we realized there,” says Ellenkamp. For Charlie Temple’s webshop, data is transformed into an application that actually makes, sharpens the glasses. Once this process has been completed, CloudSuite will receive a notification stating that the glasses are ready for shipment. After this, the data is sent to the carrier and a shipping label is created. “Later we also built an interface for the marketing system and for the financial system. Quite dynamic,” Ellenkamp continues.

This first joint case was a success for all parties. “Charlie Temple was very satisfied and CloudSuite received positive reactions,” says Ellenkamp. “Our people also enjoyed working with their people and vice versa. So there was an immediate click.”

Triangle relationship

Okko Huisman CloudSuite

The cooperation between Copernicus and CloudSuite is still successful and works for all parties involved. “It’s actually a kind of triangular relationship with the customer,” continues Huisman. “CloudSuite facilitates the e-commerce system and defines which data flows must be linked. Then Copernicus realizes the link.”

“You often see that integration is seen as a headache file. Many IT managers are hesitant and prefer a natively integrated solution. One that works seamlessly together and where CloudSuite is responsible for the link with the ERP system. With Copernicus, we can now link any advanced ERP system with CloudSuite.”

Customers are not dependent on CloudSuite for connections, but can choose a service provider that specializes in this. “A service provider like Copernicus, who understands what you are saying and gets to work immediately,” according to Huisman. “On the basis of a realistic planning and a realistic budget.”

Approachable and no-nonsense

Copernicus specialist in Managed EDI en AS2

Accessibility is a top priority at Copernicus. “We want to be an approachable company, friendly to work with,” Ellenkamp emphasizes. “Within Copernicus we have a fixed point of contact for projects with CloudSuite. This person has experience with the link and is always in direct contact with the CloudSuite consultants. This is an important part of the pleasant cooperation with both CloudSuite and our joint customers.”

“The people at Copernicus are pleasant,” Huisman continues. “It is a no-nonsense party, they keep to agreements and that is very nice. You see it regularly: integration projects take time and you regularly encounter unexpected surprises. Then it is very nice that you have a reliable party that always deals with it properly. This is also appreciated by our consultants. Then they are happy that Copernicus is on board.”