Business Case: Pooling Partners

Pooling Partners is a market leader in the area of full-service pooling services. A pooling service is the collection and facilitation of the reuse of logistic means. With respect to Pooling Partners, this includes the reuse and circulation of wooden pallets and crates. This means the provision and distribution of the pallets, including the collection, cleaning, […]

Business Case: Caligen Europe

Caligen Europe is a foam manufacturer and has been a leading company since 1965 in the development of new types of foam. All their foams are produced in accordance with strong specifications by using the best raw materials of well-established suppliers. As a Dutch company, they naturally comply with all European environmental requirements. Since 1979, […]

Business Case: Vos Logistics

Vos Logistics is a logistics service provider and delivers a wide range of transport and logistics solutions. With an international network of 25 locations, Vos Logistics is active throughout the whole of Europe. The company distinguishes itself by innovation in both transport and logistics, and in advanced in-house developed Transport Management Systems. When it comes […]

Business Case: R.M.I. Global Logistic Services

R.M.I. Global Logistic Services is a worldwide operating organisation who acts as a forwarding agent for the transport of chemicals and foodstuffs. The transport of foodstuffs is carried out by R.M.I. Food Logistics and chemical transports by R.M.I. Chemical Logistics. From their headquarters based in the port of Rotterdam, they offer all-inclusive logistical solutions for […]

Business Case: and Niklas is part of the fast-growing FittinQ B.V. with online shops for lighting articles in, amongst others, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, England, France, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Italy, and Ireland. is a market leader in the Netherlands in the online sale of lighting articles. As a standard, there are around 3,000 different articles in […]

Business Case: Multi-carrier integratieplatform for Transsmart

Transsmart (SME innovation award 2010) offers solutions for a more affordable and better transport process. With these solutions, it becomes easy for SME businesses to submit transport orders from their own ERP/WMS system directly with hundreds of different carriers. In order to do this, Transsmart has, among others., realised integrations with ERP suppliers such as […]

Business Case: Copernicus links AMP Groep with municipal systems

AMP Groep is the first organisation in the Netherlands that delivers identity cards and passports where and whenever this is desired. Thanks to AMP, citizens in many municipalities now only need to go to the town hall for the application. This is especially convenient for people who, for example, are less mobile or who don’t […]

Business Case: B2B Gateway for Cass Europe

The American Cass Information Systems is a market leader in the area of expense management for the transport, utility, and telecom industry. Its European subsidiary Cass Europe B.V. mainly focuses on Transport Expense Management. Invoice processing, audit, payment and information services are the core competencies of Cass. On behalf of its clients, Cass processes more […]