Business Case: and Niklas

Lampenlicht is part of the fast-growing FittinQ B.V. with online shops for lighting articles in, amongst others, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, England, France, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Italy, and Ireland. is a market leader in the Netherlands in the online sale of lighting articles. As a standard, there are around 3,000 different articles in stock, which are delivered from distribution centres in Valkenswaard and Hapert to consumers and to other businesses.


Who is FittinQ?

The pioneers at FittinQ have an experience of many years in the area of entrepreneurship at a European level. With over 70 staff members, 4 offices in Europe and 1 in China, FittinQ offers unparalleled opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to gain European successes. Supporting ambitious entrepreneurs, that is what they stand for! FittinQ takes all the export issues out of your hands, so the company can focus on its core business. And last but not least: FittinQ offers a time-to-market of 4 weeks on a European level. So no endless start-up processes!


E-commerce strategy

In order to manage the e-commerce strategy of FittinQ, it is essential that both the current and future systems can be linked seamlessly, so the information can be shared easily and quickly and will be available at the right time at the right place.

In the FittinQ vision, the Service Bus is at the focal point within the organisation, and the different internal and external applications are connected to it. From the Service Bus, all information flows are centrally managed and monitored (Monitoring & Control, Exception handling).


Selection criteria

Due to the growth of their business, it is essential for FittinQ to choose a Service Bus platform that is well scalable and can, therefore, grow with the organisation. The scalability of the platform offers the guarantee that also the future volume can be processed effortlessly, whereby a high level of availability is realised as well. This high level of availability of the platform is especially important as the data exchange will be processed more and more synchronous. You may consider, in this regard, the data exchange with webshops, e-commerce channels, and cloud applications.


Perfect Match

FittinQ chose the Niklas integration platform of Copernicus as it matched perfectly with their selection criteria; it is scalable and affordable, and it complies with the requirements for Monitoring & Control and Exception Management. The web-based user interface makes the platform very user-friendly and it can be easily managed by their own 1st line support.


Link SAP – Webshop

As a pilot project, FittinQ wanted to start with the linking of the Magento webshop to their SAP system. “Linking Magento to SAP”, when you say this fast, it doesn’t sound very exciting. Luckily, FittinQ did not underestimate this project, and a project group was established which included staff members of the parties involved (webshop developer, SAP consultant, integration specialist, and a project manager of FittinQ).

After making a short inventory, it became clear that 9 information flows needed to be developed between SAP and the Magento webshop. These information flows were first written out in detail in so-called ‘paper mappings’. These mappings offered all people involved a clear view of the different links, and it also provided a valuable piece of documentation. According to Dave van Mierlo of FittinQ, this solid approach and the constructive collaboration between all the parties involved has led to a successful integration project.

“Thanks to efforts of the integration specialists of Copernicus, we have concluded the pilot succesfully, and laid down the groundwork for a future-proof integration platform”

– Dave van Mierlo, Project Manager at FittinQ

The role of Copernicus

During the pilot, the integration specialists of Copernicus have carried out the following activities:

  • Advising about the required infrastructure and architecture.
  • Support during the development of the ‘paper mappings’.
  • Developing the technical mappings. These are Java components that take care of the translation conversion and data enrichment of the information flows.
  • Implementation on Niklas, including setting up the data communication and the Exception Handling.
  • Support during the test program and the going live.
“This was an interesting project that required detailed knowledge of a number of varied systems and business views, giving us at Copernicus the opportunity to utilize our experience in the execution of a custom tailored integration between two vastly different platforms.”

– Caitlin Fairhurst, Integration specialist at Copernicus.

About the Niklas Integration Platform

Niklas is the affordable and scalable integration platform for all your Business-to-Business Integration and Application Integration. The platform allows organisations to easily exchange automated electronic information with internal applications, other organisations, or cloud services.


Managed EDI

Are you looking for a solution for a quick and easy application of EDI with your trading partners? Our Managed EDI platform is particularly suited for companies that want to outsource their EDI as they don’t have the proper resources and means to do this themselves. We offer complete turn-key EDI solutions, allowing you to focus on your core activities.

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