Business Case: Multi-carrier integratieplatform for Transsmart

Transsmart (SME innovation award 2010) offers solutions for a more affordable and better transport process. With these solutions, it becomes easy for SME businesses to submit transport orders from their own ERP/WMS system directly with hundreds of different carriers. In order to do this, Transsmart has, among others., realised integrations with ERP suppliers such as Exact, Boxwise, SAP, AFAS, Microsoft Dynamics, NAV, X-Gram, Unit4, and Magento.
By linking to the multi-carrier platform of Transsmart, companies can easily respond to changes in their logistic chain, and they can carry out their shipping and transport processes in a more efficient, transparent and affordable way.

Dennis Duijster - Partner TranssmartCopernicus built a platform for us with web services to handle these processes and to monitor the communication with more than 200 carriers. They took care of the development as well of the support. Copernicus’ unique strength is that they can quickly make the transition from concept to a working platform, they engage with the client, not just with respect to IT, but also in a wider context. Besides that, they go for quality and challenge us to do the same instead of chasing quick fixes. And last but not least, I often visit their office and they have great coffee!”  Dennis Duijsters, Partner Transsmart

The challenge

How do you connect a large number of different ERP systems to an even larger number of transport companies? That was the challenge Transsmart was facing in the spring of 2009. Because you know you have to deal with an enormous diversity in message formats and communication protocols.

The solution

What Transsmart needed, was a scalable integration platform that could be used to realise connections in an easy manner, which understands synchronous as well as asynchronous communication, and which provides for Transaction Monitoring. That is why Transsmart chose Niklas, the integration platform of Copernicus. In addition to the implementation of Niklas, Copernicus also developed all the interfaces that were used to link to the various ERP systems and the different carriers.

The result

The platform handles the communication between the forwarder and carrier, and now facilitates the Booking, Labelling, Manifesting, and Tracing processes.
When the platform receives notifications, an authentication takes place to confirm that the sender is authorised to use the service. After that, Niklas is used to validate the notifications to establish that a notification is syntactically correct. In addition, a Data Quality check is carried out. Possible exceptions are immediately reported back to the forwarder. Lastly, the notification is translated into the required format, and the right carrier is selected based on Content Based Routing. This last step is done based on business rules that have been established in the Business Rules Engine. And all this is done in just a split-second!