Business Case: Vos Logistics

Vos Logistics

Vos Logistics is a logistics service provider and delivers a wide range of transport and logistics solutions. With an international network of 25 locations, Vos Logistics is active throughout the whole of Europe. The company distinguishes itself by innovation in both transport and logistics, and in advanced in-house developed Transport Management Systems. When it comes to bulk and volume transport, Vos Logistics can count itself among the largest parties in Europe.

Vos Logistics has been a client and partner of Copernicus for several years. In order to manage its operational processes as efficiently as possible, the different divisions of Vos Logistics make intensive use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Vos Logistics has EDI links with various small and large parties in the transport and logistics sector. In addition, Vos Logistics has a number of links with external parties who arrange the transport at times when they do not have the disposal of the resources they need. This happens, for example, in the event of very specialised assignments.

Information flows

The larger part of the information flow contains of incoming orders (transport orders) and status messages that indicate the status of an order (loaded, en-route, delivered, etc.). In addition, financial data is processed, such as financial mutations, fuel costs, and e-invoices. Since a short time ago, we are in the process of connecting the various warehouses of Vos Logistics where, besides transport, logistic services are delivered. Here, various types of messages are exchanged, such as the INSDES, DESADV, IFTMIN, OSTRPT, and RECADV.

Links are made with various internal systems, such as Kewill (TMS), Chainware (TMS), Lovos (a TMS developed by Vos Logistics), Coda (financial system), and LSPwms (a warehouse management system). In addition, there are links with the following logistic platforms to which several clients are connected:

Migration to Niklas

We have been providing support to Vos Logistics for a number of years in the area of integration technology. At the first instance, on an integration platform of another supplier, and since 2014 on our own integration platform – Niklas. Vos Logistics ultimately chose to work with Niklas as new integration can be implemented quicker and easier, and because the TCO is considerably lower.

Furthermore, Niklas provides all the required functionalities and is continuously developed further in order to meet the requirements of Vos Logistics in the future. Our experience with large integration processes and with the transport and logistics sector was an important motive for Vos Logistics to employ our services. As we are a Dutch company, and as we all speak the same language, the lines remain short and problems are addressed quickly.

The Niklas integration platform offers the following advantages:

  • It is scalable and offers a high degree of availability
  • Supports asynchronous and synchronous communication
  • Offers extensive options for error handling, exception handling, and Monitoring & Control
  • Supports all conventional communication protocols and message formats

Communicatieprotocollen en berichtformaten


The old integration platform the links of Vos Logistics worked on was a closed solution. This means that all mappings that ran on the platform had to be rewritten. In June 2014 we started the implementation, and it took 130 days in total to migrate all the mappings to Niklas. As Niklas is based on an open-source technology, this same process, should Vos Logistics decide to transfer to another platform, would be reduced to just a fraction of that time.


The system was completed in May/June 2016, when it went live. The most important advantages of the renewed collaboration and the transfer to Niklas are:

  • State-of-the-art technology; now and in the future
  • Strongly improved Total Cost of Ownership
  • Excellent Solution Support on working days until 10:00 pm

The project contains 76 mappings and it is linked to more than 90 trading partners. On average, 18,000 messages are processed per day.

“Vos Logistics and Copernicus have been working together for many years and with complete satisfaction. Copernicus is a flexible company with specialists who know what they are talking about. In addition, they have a lot of experience in the area of transport and logistics.”

– Arno Rouwenhorst, Manager Business Processes & Information Management

Copernicus Interchange Technology

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