Copernicus builds order portal for one-stop-shop customers NextDeli EN

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NextDeli Ben Hansen Orderportaal CopernicusCopernicus has built an order portal for the NextDeli web shop, where specialty fresh produce stores can place orders from various affiliated suppliers in one central place.

“In the fresh and food sector, products are often not sold in pieces, but by weight. The weight is the basis on which the order is placed and the invoice is sent,” explains Ben Hansen of NextDeli. In addition, specialty stores often order fresh produce on a daily basis, which is why timing is also very important. “These products don’t lie on a shelf like a book, but have to be specially made. And this must also be communicated with the customer.”


For that data communication, NextDeli found the right party in Copernicus to build and facilitate a customer portal. “In addition, in the future it will be possible to connect parties with different data communication formats, such as EDI or direct links with an ERP system.”

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