Copernicus develops KPN Medical Message Service EN

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KPN E-Zorg has set up a Medical Messaging Service (Medische Berichten Service – MBS) for the safe and efficient exchange of data between healthcare partners. This means, for example, that laboratory results, specialist letters and radiology messages are sent via KPN ZorgCloud.

Secure and reliable messaging
In order to design and develop the system behind this message exchange, Copernicus was called in to forward this data to the right healthcare partner in a safe and reliable manner.

KPN thus offers a solution for all structured messaging between primary and secondary care. Via the KPN ZorgCloud they connect healthcare providers and healthcare institutions in the Netherlands via a clear and innovative platform.

Niklas Integration Platform supports any messaging standard
By using Niklas (Copernicus Integration Platform), every message sent can be transformed into a file format that the recipient can process. Copernicus works with the latest technologies and supports every electronic messaging standard.

Medical Message Service in practice
Stichting Zorgring NHN (North Holland North) uses the Medical Message Service. By using MBS, the 6,000,000 messages with medical information such as patient messages, prescriptions, laboratory results, referrals and other medical data can be sent quickly, easily and securely between healthcare providers. The MBS is also linked and connected to the ZORG-AB of VZVZ, the address book for care providers.

MBS is represented by CoperniCare, part of Copernicus.