Customer benefits from co-operation between Logic4 and Copernicus

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It started with an issue for the realization of EDI connections at a common customer in 2020. Now, 2 years later, the collaboration between Logic4 and Copernicus is still successful and Copernicus’ expertise in the field of connections is regularly used in the projects of Logic4.

“We are usually involved in a project from the start”, says Egbert Ellenkamp, Director of Copernicus. “That is also important for it to succeed. That we have short lines of communication with Logic4.” As soon as Logic4 enters into a conversation with a customer and it is clear that a link has to be made, the experts from Copernicus are called in.

This often concerns projects where a company wants a link with a specific external supplier, carrier or fulfillment party. “For those cases, Logic4 has chosen not to realize this customization itself, but to call on Copernicus,” continues De Jong.

“Because we as Copernicus are directly involved in the project, we also have direct contact with the customer during the project phase,” says Ellenkamp. “And if a customer comes to us with something that has not yet been discussed with Logic4, I inform our contact person at Logic4 about it. They remain the main contractor for the customer.”

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