AstraZeneca is a British-Swedish pharmaceutical company that focuses on patients with cardiovascular, cancer, respiratory and immune diseases. Most of AstraZeneca’s medicines are supplied directly to wholesalers, who then deliver them to hospitals and pharmacies. However, some very specific medicines AstraZeneca supplies directly to hospitals, for example because these medicines are urgently needed.

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EDI simplifies, speeds up and improves the ordering process

Delivering medicines to hospitals used to be a manual process. This in contrast to deliveries to wholesalers, where everything was already automated. Speed, accuracy and punctuality are of great importance because timely delivery of the medicines is crucial.

To simplify, speed up and improve the ordering process, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) was chosen. AstraZeneca uses a SAP system with which they exchange order and invoice data with hospitals. In addition, it turned out that the hospitals are already doing EDI with the wholesalers for medicines. The systems of the hospitals already supported EDI.

Managed EDI offers complete support

Copernicus turned out to be for AstraZeneca Managed EDI the best solution. Managed EDI is for an organization that like to be completely supported.
Both Copernicus and subsidiary CoperniCare have a lot of experience with EDI for healthcare institutions such as hospitals. We are familiar with the systems they use, how they work and who works there. This experience was of great added value in setting up EDI for Astra Zeneca.

Outsource EDI with Managed EDI

Integrating and implementing EDI is still a challenge for many organizations. To help companies with this, Copernicus offers support through years of experience and with the help of our own integration platform Niklas.

We offer organizations the option to opt for ‘EDI as a service’ with Managed EDI. Managed EDI is available for small and large organizations and in subscription form, possibly completely customized.

For more information about whether Managed EDI is suitable for your organization, please feel free to contact us.


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