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BBL (Black Box Logistics) Extron is a leading logistics service provider with a customer base consisting of brand manufacturers, importers and retailers in the B2B and B2C segment. Black Box Logistics provides services in the field of Warehouse Management, Value Added Services (from labeling to assembly) and Transport Management. BBL has central locations both close to the port of Rotterdam and close to Schiphol Airport.

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Cost-effective connectors for data exchange

BBL has a varied customer portfolio. BBL exchanges data with these customers in various file formats. These are for example Purchase orders, Sales orders, confirmations but also inventory related messages. It is therefore important for BBL to quickly and cost-effectively establish links with these trading partners in order to ensure that these data flows function properly. It is also important for BBL to be able to link and manage these customer systems with the WMS itself.

"Copernicus has helped us to exchange our data with customers smoothly and quickly, while still being in full control."

Niklas Integratieplatform Copernicus

Build your own connections quickly and easily

BBL indicated that it wanted to work with Dedicated EDI. To this end, Copernicus built the first link between BBL and one trading partner. In order to be able to build these links itself and to manage the integration platform itself, BBL received two training courses: one for creating links and one for managing the Niklas Integration Platform. In this way, BBL has a link as a frame of reference and they can continue to work themselves. Black Box Logistics can now quickly and easily build connections with their stakeholders using the Niklas integration platform.

Niklas offers organizations Managed EDI or Dedicated EDI

The Copernicus integration platform Niklas offers organizations two different usage options: Managed EDI and Dedicated EDI. Managed EDI is suitable for customers who indicate that they want to leave the building, maintenance and management of connections entirely to Copernicus. Dedicated EDI, on the other hand, is suitable for customers who want to build, maintain and manage their connections themselves.

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