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Heartland Food Products Group is a world leader in consumer packaged goods, producing low-calorie sweeteners and liquid water enhancers. Within the USA, Heartland FPG is the leading supplier of private label sweeteners and liquid water enhancers. Heartland is, among other things, the products/seller of the sweetener Splenda. Heartland is headquartered in the US with additional offices in the Netherlands, Mexico and Colombia, among others. The production facilities are located in the US, Mexico and the Netherlands. The company employs more than 1,200 people worldwide.

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Connecting customers to ERP system

Heartland’s products are available worldwide, with customers such as wholesalers, supermarkets and gas stations. This entails the necessary information flows. Information flows that Heartland wanted to manage and exchange quickly and efficiently. Heartland Netherlands wanted to link their customers to their American Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which involves dispatches, orders and invoices. EDI turned out to be the best solution for this.

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Managed EDI or Dedicated EDI?

Copernicus Dedicated EDI is available for organizations that want to be helped in setting up the first connections and then want to take over control themselves. Organizations that prefer unburdening and prefer to leave the linking with the customer to the EDI supplier is Copernicus Managed EDI. During the inventory, it turned out that for Heartland Managed EDI best suited the wishes of the organization.

Direct access to support desk

Copernicus has ensured that all data systems of Heartland’s customers are linked to Heartland’s ERP system in the USA. With every new customer, Copernicus takes with Managed EDI the care of Heartland by establishing and maintaining the link.

Heartland has also opted for Solution Support and can contact the Copernicus support desk within 30 minutes in case of problems. The system is also checked several times a day, so that possible problems can be identified and solved in advance.

Less paper and more efficiency

For Heartland Netherlands, the exchange of digital information has been simplified and facilitated with the use of Managed EDI. Less paperwork, more efficient working and less chance of errors make it possible to exchange digital documents such as orders and invoices faster, safer and easier.

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