“We are the link between the specialty store and the producer,” says Ben Hansen, Director at NextDeli. NextDeli is a platform where affiliated suppliers can offer and sell products directly to fresh produce specialists via shop-in-shop. “By creating a profile with a username and password, fresh specialty stores have direct access to the entire range of all affiliated suppliers in a simple way.”

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Portal for connecting with EDI or ERP

When ordering fresh food, timing is of great importance. There was therefore a need for a portal in which the entire process from order to delivery is arranged, and in which both timing and weight play a key role.

“With fresh and food products are often not sold in pieces but by weight. The weight is the basis on which the order is placed and the invoice is sent,” explains Hansen. In addition, specialty stores often order fresh produce on a daily basis, which is why timing is also very important. “These products are not ready on a shelf like a book, but must be specially made. And this must also be communicated with the customer.”

And for that data communication, NextDeli has found the party in Copernicus that builds the order portal for them. “In addition, in the future it will be possible to connect parties with different data communication formats, such as EDI or direct links with an ERP system.”

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Order portal for the entire ordering process

Together with Hansen, Copernicus first started to make an inventory of the needs. “During these inventories, several issues came up and we then went through them in chronological order and determined the main points,” continues Hansen. An order portal was chosen and the foundation was laid to enable EDI links with suppliers. It is preferable to have all orders run via EDI, but for suppliers who do not have access to this, there is now the order portal.

The order portal ensures that the incoming orders are split by supplier and delivery date. The supplier has the option to reject or accept the order and, if necessary, to change the quantities. Furthermore, the supplier can create labels with barcodes in the portal that contain specifications about, among other things, the form of transport, for example: refrigerated or frozen.

“At Copernicus they are open, interested and to the point”

Copernicus specialist in Managed EDI en AS2
Ben Hansen

“The cooperation with Copernicus went very smoothly,” says Hansen. “From the first telephone contact with Egbert Ellenkamp (Director Copernicus), I especially noticed his open attitude and interest. He was very interested, kept asking questions and was to the point and that really appealed to me. And yes, the overall pleasant communication.”

The entire process from idea to launch of the portal went well. “With every launch you run into things. That’s just part of it. But they have all been resolved satisfactorily. We are also still working on questions about, for example, data communication with suppliers or the logistics partner. Copernicus support, for example to make an adjustment, is still necessary. And that is running smoothly.”

Copernicus specialist in Managed EDI en AS2

Users find order portal easy to use

The most important thing is of course how the customers experience using the portal. “We always try to ask about this when we speak to customers. What their experience is like with the order and what the customer journey was like on the website,” Hansen says. “And they say that they find it all very clear, including the communication they receive back. We never get questions about that and everyone is satisfied with it. And that is the result of your work.”

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