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IPP Pooling Partners is the market leader in full-service pooling services. A pooling service is facilitating and bringing together the reuse of logistics resources. In the case of Pooling Partners, this concerns the reuse and circulation of wooden pallets and boxes (Bulk boxes and WEEE boxes). This not only concerns the deployment and distribution of the materials, but also the collection, cleaning and repair of the pallets and boxes.

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Needs for total overview in data exchange

For years, IPP Pooling Partners used so-called ‘legacy tools’ to exchange data with partners and customers. These are built on old techniques and it sometimes happened that e-mails, for example, did not arrive properly

Due to the use of various legacy tools, the total overview to make it easier to find, document and monitor messages was also missing. In addition, messages often arrived unsorted via the same channel (email box and FTP)

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Web portal supports message transformation

It quickly became clear that EDI is the best solution for IPP. By choosing Copernicus’ Niklas Integration Platform, IPP now has a total solution for the exchange of messages via EDI with its partners and customers.

They are helped by a Reprocessing Portal that provides support to the internal IT department to view errors in submitted messages. Messages that arrive at IPP are first received in Niklas. This determines whether a number of messages still have to be handled via the legacy tools or whether they will be further processed by Niklas.

Self management of the Niklas Integration Platform

Niklas Integratieplatform CopernicusVia Niklas, the messages are transformed before they are passed on to IPP. Copernicus has built a number of mappings that convert the various file formats that are received into a generic XML format. If all checks have been completed successfully, the message is processed via two mappings in the IPP database
Niklas is implemented on location, which means that IPP takes care of the management itself. The IPP application administrators are trained by Copernicus and are able to follow up on notifications that come up in their system. There is also the option for IPP to build connections yourself.

Links make connecting to new customers easy

The message exchange between Pooling Partners and its customers now runs via an EDI and is up-to-date and future-proof.

The legacy tools that were used before have now been replaced by a standardized working method from a central integration platform. With this integration platform, the links created and the web portals, all message flows are centralized. By creating standard links and standard checks, it is also easy to connect new customers.

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