R.M.I. Global Logistic Services


R.M.I. Global Logistic Services is engaged in the operation of tank containers with chemical or food cargo by road, rail and sea. The company was founded in 1997 and currently operates 1000 tank containers. A worldwide network of agents and offices is used for this purpose.

Copernicus specialist in Managed EDI en AS2

Copernicus specialist in Managed EDI en AS2

Portal completes incoming message with master data

Within R.M.I. coding is used for locations, customers and product data, among other things. These are internal codes that are necessary for the correct handling of the messages. This crucial information is missing from the messages received from trading partners via EDI, causing delays in their processing. The portal Copernicus used for R.M.I. functions as a filter and captures the incoming EDI messages and completes them with this essential master data (internal coding).

Completed messages increase data quality

The portal checks all incoming messages and links the data in the message to the correct codes. The portal ensures that all incoming messages are completed and supplemented. The moment the messages are sent by R.M.I. These are therefore complete and can therefore be treated immediately and quickly. The R.M.I. portal is not for customers but is used internally to increase the quality of the data.

Outsource EDI with Managed EDI

How to integrate and implement EDI is still a challenge for many organizations. At Copernicus we have a lot of experience with EDI. And for organizations where EDI is not yet a core competency, we also offer ‘EDI as a service’: Managed EDI, based on Niklas our integration platform. Managed EDI is available in a customized subscription form and suitable for both large and small organizations.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of Managed EDI, please feel free to contact us.


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