Schavemaker Logistics & Transport


Schavemaker Logistics & Transport is a logistics service provider with a wide range of transport services such as steel transport, air freight and groupage shipments in the Benelux, Central and Southern Europe, Great Britain and Ireland. In their own storage halls they take care of the storage and transhipment, inbound, stock management and removal of various steel products, including coils (coils with aluminum or steel), for a large number of clients.

Copernicus specialist in Managed EDI en AS2

Copernicus specialist in Managed EDI en AS2

Customer portal easily connects with Niklas integration platform

Schavemaker customers register their transport journeys in various ways. A large group uses Managed EDI for this, but smaller customers still used an Excel sheet that was sent by email or fax. In order to subsequently get this data in the TMS and to plan the journeys, these Excel sheets had to be manually retyped. This was time consuming and created a lot of room for error.

Because Schavemaker already uses Copernicus’ Managed EDI, it was easy to link the portal with the existing integration platform. Here the customers, who previously sent in the Excel sheets, can immediately register and enter their transport journeys themselves in an easy and fast way.

Niklas Integratieplatform CopernicusMore efficiency and less issues with transport portal

Via the portal, customers can specify per day what they want to be picked up and at what time. In addition, customers can manage addresses in the portal about loading and unloading locations and preferred mode of transport. The data in the portal is linked to Schavemaker’s TMS and the current status information is fed back from the TMS to the portal.

The new portal provides Schavemaker with greater efficiency because messages are sent to the TMS faster and fewer errors are made because more information does not have to be entered manually. Customers benefit from the convenience and faster way of communicating.

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