Vespo BV


Vespo BV is a wholesaler and textile expert and supplies various textile products within the household textiles. Vespo also specializes in corporate clothing. They have an international network of suppliers and sell their products worldwide. One of the most important sales platforms for Vespo is the German mail order company OTTO.

Growth ambition on e-commerce platforms

“The distribution process and (physical) retail are changing. In addition, e-commerce is growing very fast. And we strive to be active on the platforms wherever the consumer is,” says Hans van den Broek, Manager Business Systems at Vespo. Vespo sees the importance of growing along with e-commerce and has a strong growth ambition in the field of e-commerce. ecommerce.

Copernicus specialist in Managed EDI en AS2

Connectors for digital order processing

Vespo strives to digitize as much as possible, and currently manages to receive and process over 90% of all sales orders digitally. To continue this digitization, they went looking for an integration specialist for the integrations (building links) with OTTO and chose Copernicus.

Niklas Integratieplatform Copernicus

A partner who thinks along, acts proactively and fulfills agreements

“We came to Copernicus through a joint partner. After substantive discussions I got a good picture of the company and the possibilities. The advantage of Copernicus is that they can convert all files into any desired format, so that we can process them directly in our ERP system. Now we don’t have to manage the connections ourselves.”

In addition to these advantages, it also turned out that the cooperation between the two parties went well. “It is nice to have a partner who honors agreements, acts proactively and contributes to realizing the right solution.”

Copernicus specialist in Managed EDI en AS2

Niklas facilitates connections with different platforms

In addition to the direct integration with Otto, Copernicus has now also made the integration between Vespo and the Channelengine platform. “Channelengine is an integration party to which you can connect and operate multiple platforms, such as, Amazon and Real. Since a direct link between Vespo and Channelengine was not possible, Copernicus facilitated this solution with Niklas.”

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