What is a web service?


With a web service it is possible to communicate remotely, via the internet and in real time, between two (computer) systems without human intervention. It is an application component interface that can be accessed through standard web protocols. XML and JSON are often used for the data and SOAP for the exchange. For example, with a web service you can automatically retrieve weather forecasts or stock prices. It is also possible to validate or enrich real-time data for CRM, CMS or webshop.

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How does a web service work?

If two systems need to communicate with each other via the web, this is often done via a web service. They are remote APIs (Application Programming Interface). This is an entrance to the system for other systems, a kind of link. The “two worlds” must understand each other and for that there must be a match between the format and the structure.

Copernicus Webservice

When do you use a web service?

Web services are used when you want the recipient of data to immediately return a response. For example: the visitor to a web shop clicks on an article, then the system that keeps track of the stock is called up via the web service. The system then immediately sends a response with the current stock of the relevant article. This is also known as ‘synchronous data exchange’.

What are the benefits of a web service?

  • Suitable for ‘time critical’ situations where immediate response is expected.
  • Companies IBM, SAP & Microsoft use web services.
  • Easy for IT developers to create and (re)use.
  • Most ‘online’ systems use web services to exchange data.
  • In the Cloud, data is mostly exchanged via web services.

Is a web service for me?

Using a web service has many advantages. Many companies today use web services. And if your customers and suppliers do the same, it is often advisable to use it yourself. At Copernicus we have a lot of experience in setting up web services for our customers and partners. If you want to know more about whether a web service is suitable for your company, you can always contact us without obligation.