EDI X12 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender


The EDI X12 204 message is used to request a Full Truck Load (FTL) from a carrier for the transportation of goods. This message is usually sent by retailers, manufacturers and logistics service providers. However, it can be used by any company involved in shipping goods.

A new transport order can be placed with the EDI X12 204 message, but it is also possible to use this message to make changes to a previously placed transport order. The EDI ANSI X12 standard prescribes that this message can only be used for Full Truck Loads, but in practice it is also used for Less Than Truckload (LTL).

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Information for carrier

The EDI X12 204 message contains sufficient information for the carrier to be able to determine whether they will accept or refuse the order. The carrier will assess this based on data provided via the message. This concerns information about the delivery address, planning, description of the goods, dimensions and weights and the type of transport required.


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Accept or decline

The carrier will return an EDI X12 990 message in response to the EDI X12 204. With the EDI X12 990, the carrier can indicate whether he accepts or rejects the transport order. When the carrier accepts the order, he will in most cases also have to return status information about the transport. The EDI X12 214 Shipment Status message can be used for this.

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