EDI X12 214 Shipment Status


The EDI X12 214 message is used by the carrier to inform the shipper about the status of its shipments. Typically, the shipper will want to receive the EDI X12 214 status messages based on certain events. For example, when the carrier has arrived at the pick-up address, has arrived at the delivery address or when the carrier has unloaded the goods.

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Content of an EDI X12 214 message

An EDI X12 214 contains, among other things, information about the collection location, the delivery location, estimated delivery time, the Proof Of Delivery and a description of the goods in the shipment. Shippers often want to see the status information of the EDI X12 214 in the EDI X12 810 Invoice that will be sent later by the carrier.


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Shipper Confirmation

The EDI X12 214 is confirmed with an EDI X12 997 Functional Acknowledgment with which the shipper indicates that he has received the EDI X12 214 correctly.

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