EDI X12 810 Invoice


The EDI X12 810 Invoice is an EDI message from the ANSI X12 standard and is used by suppliers to invoice their customers. The receipt of the EDI X12 810 is often confirmed by sending the EDI X12 997 Functional Acknowledgment. The EDI X12 810 supports both the standard invoice and the credit note.

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Benefits of EDI X12 810

The EDI X12 810 Invoice is often applied in addition to the paper or PDF invoice. The advantage then lies mainly on the side of the customer, who can automatically load the invoice data into the ERP system.


Outsource EDI with Managed EDI

Managed EDI helps companies integrate and implement EDI. And offers organizations the opportunity to be completely unburdened.

With Niklas, the Copernicus integration platform, we offer ‘EDI as a a service’ in a customized subscription form. Managed EDI is suitable for both large and small organizations.

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