EDI X12 850 Purchase Order


The EDI X12 850 message is part of the American ANSI X12 standard and is used by a customer to place orders with a supplier. The EDI X12 850 generally contains the same information as when you place an order via a webshop or email. This concerns information such as:

  • Products or services, prices and quantities
  • Discounts
  • Shipping Details
  • Terms of payment

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Order Confirmation

Customers often asks to receive an order confirmation. The supplier can use the EDI X12 997 message for this. The EDI X12 997 is the ‘Functional Acknowledgment’ with which the supplier indicates that he has received the order. However, the buyer and supplier can also choose to send an EDI X12 855 Order Acknowledgment instead of the EDI X12 997. The EDI X12 855 is the Order Acknowledgment and with this message the supplier can indicate that he or she has accepted the order. does not accept. Sometimes the customer will want to change an order that has been placed. He can do this via the EDI X12 860 Order Change Request.

Outsource EDI with Managed EDI

Implementing EDI is still a challenge for many organizations. At Copernicus we have many years of experience with EDI in many types of organizations. With Niklas, our own integration platform, we specialize in creating and implementing communication between different systems and applications.

Managed EDI is ‘EDI as a service’ and offers small and large organizations the opportunity to implement customized EDI in subscription form.

Are you interested in Managed EDI or do you want to know whether EDI is suitable for your organization, please feel free to contact us.