EDI X12 856 Ship Notice


The EDI X12 856 Advanced Ship Note (ASN) is used by suppliers or logistics service providers to inform customers about the contents of a shipment. It is the electronic version of the packing slip and often follows the EDI X12 855 or the EDI X12 997.

The ASN contains information about the shipment, contents of the shipment, dimensions, packaging and transport. Because the ASN is sent before the shipment is transported, the customer can set up his logistics processes (goods receipt) accordingly.

The EDI X12 856 is often used in the Retail, Transport & Logistics, Manufacturing and Automotive sectors.

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Content of an EDI X12 856 message

  • Information about materials being shipped.
  • Quantities shipped
  • Shipping and arrival date
  • Shipping Address
  • Terms of delivery
  • Carrier details
  • Packaging


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Benefits of an EDI X12 856 message

  • Reduces workload by reducing manual workload
  • Prevents errors by significantly reducing human errors by automatically generating the information
  • Reduces costs through less use of paper

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