EDI X12 940 Warehouse Shipping Order


The EDI X12 940 message is used to instruct an external warehouse to ship a specific order. This EDI message is often used by shippers to have an external warehouse collect, package and ship goods to the customer. The required data for an EDI X12 940 is usually obtained from the EDI X12 850 Purchase Order sent by the customer. With the EDI X12 940, an order for the warehouse can also be modified or canceled.
With the EDI X12 940, the warehouse is specifically instructed which products must be sent, when they must be sent and in what quantities.

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Content of an EDI X12 940 message

  • Information about the supplier
  • Date of delivery
  • Item numbers, descriptions and quantities
  • Delivery address

The warehouse will confirm that it has received the EDI X12 940 Shipping Order via an EDI X12 997 Functional Acknowledgment. Just before the order is shipped, the warehouse will return an EDI X12 945 Shipment Advice to the supplier or shipper, who in turn can send an EDI X12 856 Advance Ship Note to the customer.

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Benefits of an EDI X12 940 message

  • Improved shipping and receiving scheduling
  • Faster order processing speed
  • Eliminates human errors with less manual data entry
  • Less storage and inventory costs
  • Better inventory forecasts
  • Lower transport costs
  • Accurate deployment of staff

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