EDI X12 997 Functional Acknowledgement


The EDI X12 997 message is a Functional Acknowledgment and is sent as an acknowledgment of receipt of a previously received EDI message. The receiver of the EDI X12 997 thus knows that its previously sent EDI message has been correctly received and processed in the sender’s EDI system. A customer who places an order with a supplier via an EDI X12 850 message can expect an EDI X12 997 message in response. With the EDI X12 997, the supplier informs that he has received and processed the order message correctly.

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Content of an EDI X12 997 message

To accept or reject an interchange, the EDI X12 997 message works with the following status codes:

  • A = Accepted
  • E = Accepted but errors were noted
  • R = Rejected

In case an EDI message is rejected, specific error codes indicate at which points the message was rejected.


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Benefits of an EDI X12 997 message

  • Confirmation of receipt of documents
  • Plenty of time to sort out any system issues
  • Cost savings through order accuracy
  • Faster problem identification

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