What is APERAK?


An APERAK (Application Error and Ackowledgement) is a digital acknowledgment of receipt and is used to acknowledge the receipt of an EDI message. The EDI system does not generate an APERAK message automatically, but based on a response from the underlying system. An APERAK acknowledgment has two functions:

  1. Notifying the sender of an EDI message that his message has been rejected by the receiver’s application due to errors in the message
  2. Informing the sender that his message has been processed correctly in the recipient’s application

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Type EDIFACT messages


APERAK and CONTRL messages are sometimes confused with each other. The difference lies in whether or not a message is generated automatically.

The CONTRL message is automatically generated and returned by the EDI system. At APERAK, the EDI system generates this message based on a response from the underlying application. In addition, the CONTRL message will inform the sender whether the syntax of his message is correct or incorrect, while the APERAK informs the sender whether the message has been correctly processed by the internal application or the ERP system.


Outsource EDI with Managed EDI

Integrating and implementing EDI is still a challenge for many organizations. To help companies with this, Copernicus offers support through years of experience and with the help of our own integration platform Niklas.

We offer organizations the option to opt for ‘EDI as a service’ with Managed EDI. Managed EDI is available for small and large organizations and in subscription form, possibly completely customized.

For more information about whether Managed EDI is suitable for your organization, please feel free to contact us.