What is cloud integration?


Cloud integration brings together computer data (data and software) from different central storage locations. Sometimes only in the cloud, but certain processes can also combine Cloud data with on-premise servers or mainframes.

With Cloud integration you can work with different data formats across different data systems, which increases the speed.

Copernicus advantages

  • Years of integration experience
  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Experience with different industries
  • Friendly company to work with

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Benefits of cloud integration

  • Fast accessibility improves companies’ competitive position
  • Easy to combine with existing automation
  • Scalability allows for rapid processing and integration of large amounts of business data
  • Improves data quality and accuracy
  • Synchronization keeps information always available
  • Data can be easily analyzed
  • Data in real time

The importance of cloud integration

35 percent of companies in the Netherlands use one or more applications in the cloud. A number that will certainly increase further in the near future. Well-known examples of cloud applications include SalesForce, Dropbox, Google Apps and Linkedin. In addition, traditional software companies have also made the move to the cloud with online solutions for ERP, CRM, HR, time registration, et cetera.

Is cloud integration for me?

Niklas Integratieplatform Copernicus

Organizations that use this are often faced with the challenge of how this cloud application can be smoothly linked to the internal (legacy) systems or to other cloud applications that the company uses. Effective cloud integration is therefore essential for a cloud strategy to be successful.

At Copernicus we have a lot of experience with cloud integration for our customers and partners. With Niklas, our own integration platform, APIs of the cloud applications can be easily linked and you have full visibility and control over the data exchange with your cloud applications.

If you want to know if cloud Integration is suitable for your company, please feel free to contact us.