What is DESADV?


DESADV stands for: DESpatch ADVice message and is the digital version of a packing slip. A DESADV contains, among other things, data about the supplier, the customer, items sorted by article level with associated article code (for example: EAN/GTIN/SKU) and the number of articles shipped per item. Furthermore, it contains detailed transport data such as date and time of shipment, planned date and time of receipt and information about the carrier. Some versions of DESADV also contain data per pallet with the products present and associated batch codes, which we call an SSCC (Serial Shipment Container Code). This code contains the international and unique identification code of an outer packaging.

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The benefits of DESADV

  1. DESADV is important in automating invoice checking. By combining different EDI messages such as ORDRSP, DESADV and INVOIC, the process of entering and checking invoices can be fully automated.
  2. When using DESADV with SSCC, it can be indicated per SSCC which SKUs (EAN/GTIN) are contained in the outer packaging in which quantities. Upon receipt, the warehouse can scan the SSCC, so that the information about the delivered items can be seen immediately in the WMS.
  3. It also offers the recipient the opportunity to better plan his logistics operation for the receipt of the goods. Because the supplier announces the shipment in advance, with time, the recipient can check the data in advance and possibly even refuse, if the shipment has not yet been sent.
  4. No longer sending paper packing slips not only reduces the burden on the environment, but also results in major financial savings on the costs of paper and ink.

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