What is IFTMAN?


An IFTMAN message (Arrival Notification Message) is an EDI message that carriers use to inform the shipper or logistics service provider (LDV) about the status of a transport or a shipment. The message may also be sent by the addressee as proof of delivery to a carrier.

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How does it work?

The carrier reports the status at various points in the transport process. For parcel shipments this can be done by scanning the barcode on the parcels. For complete transports, this is often done via the on-board computer in the truck. Both the barcode scanners and the on-board computers send the data to the carrier’s back office systems, which prepare the data for the EDI system. The EDI system translates this data into the format that the shipper (or his LDV) needs and makes it available on, for example, an FTP server.

Type EDIFACT messages

Content of an IFTMAN message

An IFTMAN message contains, among other things, the following information:

  • Information about sender and receiver
  • Details about the contents of the shipment
  • Transport information such as:
    1. Status information (indicates where the shipment is, usually coded)
    2. Delivery details (what time and where the shipment was delivered, who signed for receipt)
    3. Temperature data (in case of refrigerated transport)

Outsourcing EDI with Managed EDI

Implementing EDI is still a challenge for many organizations. At Copernicus we have many years of experience with EDI in many types of organizations. With Niklas, our own integration platform, we specialize in creating and implementing communication between different systems and applications.

Managed EDI is ‘EDI as a service’ and offers small and large organizations the opportunity to implement customized EDI in subscription form.

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