What is IFTMIN?


An IFTMIN (Instruction Message) is an EDI message that customers or shippers use to register transport orders (shipments) with a carrier or logistics service provider.
The shipper will create the transport orders in his Transport Management System (TMS) or ERP system, after which this system will prepare the orders in a file for the EDI system. The EDI system processes a file and transforms it into an IFTMIN message. This message then goes to the EDI system of the selected carrier.
With this information, the logistics service provider can better plan the transport based on the available capacity. Because strict delivery times are increasingly being set within logistics, IFTMIN helps to carry out these logistics tasks quickly and error-free.

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Content of an IFTMIN message

An IFTMIN message includes information about:

  • Goods to be transported
  • Sender and the receiver
  • Cash amounts
  • Dimensions
  • Weights
  • Notification of hazardous substances

Type EDIFACT messages


In practice, in addition to the IFTMIN message, the IFCSUM message is often used. The IFTMIN message should be used according to the guidelines to send shipment related information to the carrier, while the IFCSUM message focuses more on means of transport instead of shipments.

Outsourcing EDI with Managed EDI

How to integrate and implement EDI is still a challenge for many organizations. At Copernicus we have a lot of experience with EDI. And for organizations where EDI is not yet a core competency, we also offer ‘EDI as a service’: Managed EDI, based on our Niklas Integration Platform. Managed EDI is available in a customized subscription form and suitable for both large and small organizations.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of Managed EDI for your company, please feel free to contact us.