What is INVRPT?


The EDIFACT message INVRPT (Inventory Report) relates to stock of raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products. These messages are exchanged between manufacturers and distributors and between manufacturers and consignment holders such as shop-in-shop. Both the manufacturer and the distributor or consignee can send an INVRPT message.

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The benefits of INVRPT

  • Errors in long stock lists are minimal because the human factor has been removed.
  • Current positions can be exchanged quickly, so that there is always a quick insight into the stock
  • Rapid response and action can be taken in the event of unusual stock transactions

Type EDIFACT messages


How does an INVRPT message work?

After receiving or sending items, a stock change takes place. Through an INVRPT message, an organization ensures that the current stock data reaches the parties involved. The message contains functionality to inform the recipient of the message about the amount of inventory and to support the financial valuation and planning of the production. This message is also referred to as an electronic inventory or inventory transaction list.


Outsourcing EDI with Managed EDI

How to integrate and implement EDI is still a challenge for many organizations.
At Copernicus we have a lot of experience with EDI. With Niklas, our own integration platform or Enterprise Service Bus, we design and implement all communication between different applications and systems ourselves.

For organizations where EDI is not yet a core competency, Copernicus also offers ‘EDI as a service’: Managed EDI, based on Niklas.
Managed EDI is available in a customized subscription form and suitable for both large and small organizations.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of Managed EDI for your company, please feel free to contact us.