What is ORDRSP?


An ORDRSP (Order Response) is an EDI message used to accept or reject a previously received order (ORDERS EDI message). The ORDRSP is sent by the supplier to the buyer and can relate to the entire order or to a part of the order. Multiple order response messages can be sent to one order.

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Function of ORDRSP

  • Confirm receipt of an ORDERS message
  • Accepting a received order
  • Proposal for modification of the order
  • Rejecting an order received, with the reason for rejection

Type EDIFACT messages


How does an ORDRSP message work?

When a customer receives an ORDRSP message, he knows that his ORDERS message has been received and whether it will be executed or not. When two trading partners decide that an ORDRSP will always be returned on an ORDERS message, there is no longer any need to use the APERAK message as well.

When a supplier receives an electronic order from a customer, there is a possibility that the order cannot be executed. For example, because there is insufficient stock or because it is not possible to deliver on time. In that case, the supplier will return an ORDRSP to the customer stating that the order has been rejected with the reason for rejection. The rejection can contain all or part of the order.

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