What is system integration?


System integration is a collective term for technology that links systems and software applications, both internally and with external systems (various components/subsystems). This is physical or functional. It can also involve integrating all the facilities of an organization in one system. Think of linking all systems for telephony, data networks and security. By integrating systems, manual work is unnecessary, error-prone processes become safer and work can be done more efficiently.

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Application integration

Copernicus Kennisbank Systeemintegratie Applicatie Integratie Round

Application integration links applications making data available for use. It regulates the (electronic) exchange of information between systems and applications in an automated manner. This can be done with any type of data format and protocol.

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Cloud integration

Copernicus Kennisbank Systeemintegratie Cloud Integratie RoundMore and more organizations are using cloud services and new cloud applications are being added at a rapid pace. The smooth connection of cloud applications to the internal systems has become an important integration challenge.

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Electronic Data Interchange

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Electronic data interchange (EDI) stands for the electronic exchange of business documents, such as orders, invoices and messages or confirmations. Because these documents must conform to standard templates, it is often used for recurring transactions. With EDI, companies can do business with their trading partners and customers faster and more efficiently.

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Webshop integration

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A webshop connector provides that link between the CMS of your webshop and other software. Think of article information, prices, availability or orders that are transferred directly to your cash register or ERP system. In this way you increase the number of functionalities of your webshop.

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