Niklas integration platform


Niklas is the affordable and scalable Enterprise Service Bus for all your Enterprise Application Integration and Business-to-Business Integration. The Niklas integration platform offers organizations the possibility to exchange electronic information easily and fully automatically with internal applications, other organizations and a diverse range of cloud services.

Copernicus advantages

  • Years of integration experience
  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Experience with different industries
  • Friendly company to work with

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Quick data processing regardless of data format or protocol

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Niklas has a strong focus on quick data processing, scalability and supportability. The Niklas integration platform supports transformations between different types of data and data sources, whereby data flows can be set up quickly and easily, regardless of data format or communication protocol.

Niklas Integratieplatform CopernicusScalability creates flexibility

Niklas is a very versatile integration platform. Depending on requirements, it can be configured to work as a single server application or as a multi-server distributed environment. The functionality of the Niklas integration platform can be divided over several ‘instances’ and on each instance we configure a number of specific processes (the so-called ‘engines’). The flexibility is increased because all processes, or part of the Niklas processes, can be distributed over one or more instances.

No vendor lock-in

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For data transformations (mappings), the Niklas integration platform can use any mapping tool, as long as it is able to generate Java or XSLT codes. As a result, there is no ‘vendor lock-in’ in the direction of their own mapping tool, which is a stumbling block for many organizations. By dividing the Niklas processes (partly or completely) over one or more instances, the flexibility is considerably increased.

Logging options

  • Message log
  • Transport log
  • System log
  • Content log
  • Scheduler log
  • Event log

Available adapters

  • File
  • JMS (IBM MQ, ActiveMQ)
  • HotFolder
  • REST
  • WebServices
  • AS2
  • TCP


Off-the-shelf interfaces

  • Dropbox
  • Google Merchant Center
  • De Buren collection center
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Lightspeed
  • Various transport companies

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