Services & support

Copernicus has a passion for integrating systems and offers one solution for different integration challenges with the Niklas integration platform.

Managed EDIApplication Integration

Implementing and managing a private EDI platform can be a daunting task for many organisations. It requires very specific knowledge and skills that can not always be found within the organisation. In addition, there are the investments in hardware and software licenses to consider.

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Cloud integreation

Online store linking

Many retailers struggle with the synchronisation between inventory and product information with the back office system and their online store. Copernicus helps retailers link their online store to the POS or ERP system.

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Electronic Data Interchange

Middleware support

Smooth data exchange between applications within your organisation, and beyond, is essential for the underlying processes and therefore integration solutions are always seen as critical business decisions. Therefore, adequate support for the middleware layer is then evident.

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Data integratie

Solution Support

Electronic interchange of data is an essential part of your business operations and therefore middleware solutions are often regarded as critical business decisions. Distortions in the data exchange can freeze business processes and the effects of this are enormous.

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