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A well-functioning webshop is of great importance for a successful e-commerce strategy. Complete article information, correct prices, current availability and being able to immediately continue or link the entire order process to a cash register or ERP system is essential. With a Copernicus webshop connector, organizations automate the safe, fast and real-time exchange of data between the cash register or back office system with the webshop.

Copernicus advantages

  • Years of integration experience
  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Experience with different industries
  • Friendly company to work with

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Webshop connectors guarantee efficiency and up-to-date information

A webshop connector ensures efficiency because it ensures continuous data exchange and synchronization between webshop and store. As a result, every channel has up-to-date data at all times (real-time), such as, for example, the level of the stock. If a product is no longer in stock, customers will see this immediately in the web store.


"Thanks to the efforts of Copernicus' integration specialists, we have successfully completed our pilot and have laid the foundation for a future-proof integration platform."
Dave van Mierlo, Projectmanager at FittinQ (Lampenlicht.nl)

Active monitoring prevents webshop issues

The webshop connectors are hosted on the Copernicus integration platform Niklas. This platform provides the exchange of data between the cash register or back office system and the webshop. This data exchange is fully automated and actively monitored so that exceptions and potential problems can be quickly reported and resolved.

The benefits of a webshop connector

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  • The webshop is always up to date
  • Fully automated webshop, 24/7
  • No more manual actions
  • Always up-to-date stock data available
  • Orders from the webshop are automatically processed in the cash register or back office system
  • The link works from one clear application

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