HIT Rail signs 3-year contract with Copernicus

HIT Rail logoHIT Rail helps European railway companies to conduct business in a reliable, secure and cost effective way. HIT Rail is owned by 12 European railway companies.

For enabling connectivity and interoperability between the European Railways, HIT Rail established HEROS – Hermes Open Services. Heros is a cloud middleware service offering message interoperability for the European Railway industry.

The core of HEROS is the Niklas Integration Platform that handles all the data communication, message translation, routing and monitoring.

Copernicus is very proud that HIT Rail have chosen Niklas as their integration platform. Besides delivery of the platform, Copernicus was involved in the design and realisation of HEROS.
Apart from delivery of the middleware, Copernicus is responsible for providing adequate support in order to achieve maximum reliability and availability. This covers Monitoring Services, Proactive Support, Maintenance and Coordination Services on HEROS.

More information on HEROS can be found on www.hitrail.com/heros