About us

“Innovation through integration”

This is what Copernicus can do for you as a company. The world around us is changing at lightning speed. The start-ups of yesterday are the multinationals of tomorrow and new initiatives and programs are rapidly becoming available on the market. In this world, information is essential and the real time exchange of information is the key to success.

Copernicus is an IT service provider in the field of integration technology. We have a passion for linking applications and organisations. Integration is in our DNA! We help our customers with electronic data exchange and linking their systems. This can involve internal systems, but also external (online) systems or systems of trading partners. Keywords that describe our integration solutions are EDI, EAI, Middleware, ESB, REST and Web services.

Who are we?

Copernicus is a privately owned company and is not under any pressure from shareholders. This allows us to concentrate on things that really matter, such as the delivery of effective and affordable integration solutions and building long term relationships with customers, business partners and employees.

Distinctive capacity Copernicus

Copernicus Interchange Technology is a progressive organisation that values the importance of the customer. Our mission is to help organisations to innovate in the field of electronic data exchange and our core business is to deliver integration solutions. This means that we fully design, develop and implement integration solutions ourselves. Copernicus has therefore also developed a private integration platform, known as Niklas. Niklas is our fully scalable and affordable Enterprise Service Bus which with which we implement our integration solutions.

In each project we think proactively in order to meet the customer’s need. We work with a long term vision and are convinced of our expertise and transparent approach. With us you have the freedom of choice to choose for a subscription-based agreement to use our products and services, or for the purchase of a license. In doing this, we are investing in a sustainable customer relationship and we work with full passion towards a high level of customer satisfaction!

CoperniCrew & support

Copernicus offers the total package for our own integration platform and provides the additional services and support. We are therefore not dependent on other parties for our software and service. Our tight team works closely together. Of course, our employees have a lot of knowledge and experience at their disposal and continuously remain informed about the latest IT developments. In addition, Copernicus has a very capable support team which, if required, can deliver support 24/7 with a 30-minute response time.

Copernicus strives to offer a fixed point of contact for each customer. Both during the development phase and operational phase. In this way we make sure that you always get in contact with someone who has full knowledge of your specific situation. All our staff are Dutch and of course speak excellent English. Apart from reactive, we also offer proactive support. We monitor our systems and, if desired, involve your system in our checks.


Because Copernicus Interchange Technology is a privately owned company, we are not under pressure from shareholders who can exercise influence on our business operations. As a result, we focus on the things that really matter: delivering effective and future-proof integration solutions and building a long term relationship with our customers, business partners and employees.

Onboarding service

With the onboarding service we act on your behalf in contact with your customers, trading partners or other external parties you exchange electronic data with. This way we can directly arrange all the specifications we need from these parties. So we can easily and efficiently link your relationships seamlessly with your system using our integration platform. In doing so, we relieve you of all related duties and we are able to respond quickly.

In short, we offer you the following:

  • Scalable, reliable and affordable integration solutions
  • Pure partner in the field of integration technology
  • Focus on realisation and support of integration solutions
  • Clear and adequate communication
  • Proactive attitude
  • For both large and small projects

And above all: just a pleasant company to work with!